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Plug your business into Relevant Twitter Traffic

Get Twitter working for your business with relevant post matches & responses all done by the Tweet Locator Platform to free up your time for the things that really matter to you.

Locate users posting about your business

Using the Tweet Locator Platform get live real-time updates on who is talking about your business/service type and respond in directly into the users notifications.

Promote your brand to the right demographic

By targeting a specific demographic on the Tweet Locator Platform we can ensure that the target market is marketed to directly into their notifications.

Plug into the traffic that you need

Select the number of matches that you want to respond to weekly/monthly based on your Budget, Website Traffic or Twitter Reach

Protect your Brand with TL Brand Protection 

Each campaign comes as standard with Brand Protection to ensure that whatever is posted about your company or brand on Twitter will be recorded and can then be actioned.

Target Relevant Users Talking About Your Business/Services

By locating & responding to Tweets that are totally relevant to your business or service type with a call to action your business posts to the user at the point of need.

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Only Pay for Relevant Matches

Set a budget that works for your business and only pay
for relevant Tweets that match your business/services. Packages from as low as 45c per match.

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Target New Clients Who Are Totally Relevant!

Our platform allows you to focus on your core demographic

Locating Tweets from users with relevant keywords filters your results to only users who are talking about your business or service type. This allows you to target your spend on only users who have the potential to become a new clients.


You Only Pay For Relevant Matches

Only pay for relevant Tweets that match your business/services

Set a budget that works for your business so that you have the options to buy only the right number of matches that you want or need, so you never spend more than you want.


Focused Targeted Promotion

Promote your Company to a targeted demographic

Build campaigns that target users based on Keywords and user type for a totally focused promotion of your business.


Let's Set Up a FREE Demo Campaign

The proof is in the results so why not let us show you how your campaign will work

Contact one of the team and we will set up a campaign for you that will offer the best level of success, completely free of charge

Tweet Locator Features

Check out some of the main features that makes Tweet Locator a stand alone product where Twitter marketing & traffic are concerned.

Website Traffic

Using Tweet Locator will automatically increase your relevant website traffic within just a few days & increase sales.

Increase Brand Awareness

By targeting your core demographic directly into the conversation your Twitter impressions and brand awareness will increase.

CTR in Excess 8%

The platform locates only relevant Tweets & responses go directly to the users Notifications giving an impressive CTR.

Brand Protection

See exactly what Twitter users are saying about your brand, company or you so you can deal with issues and Retweet great posts.

What Our Clients Say

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Let’s Review The Benefits! Tweet Locator!

There are a few great ways that companies will benefit from using the Tweet Locator platform.

Fully Moderated Responses

Brand Protection

Event Promotion

Automated Matches & Responses

Customer Services

Exhibition Traffic

We would Love to show you the Platform

Lets have a chat and show you the platform working so you can get a real-time view of how Tweet Locator will work for your business.

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